Ant Miner KA3

A peek into the latest KDA ecosystem: An evolutionary Antminer KA3.

A brand-new item introduced by BITMAN, the ANTMINER KA3, features great computational processing capability and little power usage. The ideal KDA mining experience is created by KA3’s operational precision. When compared to the current market output, KA3’s remarkable hash rate performance of 166T represents a 10-fold advancement in computing performance. Innovating efficiency into a new era of energy savings and improved performance-enhancing levels below 100J/T, KA3 offers a new industry standard of 19.0T.


The Blake2S algorithm is used by the ANTMINER KA3 to provide a smooth mining experience, which puts it at the forefront of Kadena cryptocurrency mining. The newest design from BITMAN’s top-tier 19 series lineup, which features the most cutting-edge air cooling heat dissipation technology and provides miners with the best protection, is powering the KA3. An improvement in computing performance can be seen in ANTMINER KA3, one of the top KDA miners.


Specifications of the evolutionary Antminer KA3:


Power Consumption:

The profitability of the device is significantly impacted by power usage. The device will operate more efficiently the less power it uses. The power efficiency of KDA3 is 3154W. Considering the device’s hash rate, this power usage is astounding. As a result, both electricity costs and energy resource waste are greatly decreased.


Weight and Size:

ASIC miners must be moved to appropriate spots throughout the home, and they are portable because of their small size and lightweight. ASIC Miners used for domestic mining must therefore be small and lightweight. The Bitman KA3 miner weighs only 14000g and has an ideal dimension of 195 x 290 x 400mm. This makes it suitable for both farm and residential mining.



Voltage usage is a crucial element in figuring out how effective the miner is. The voltage used by the Bitman ANTMINER KA3 is approximately 12 V, which is by far the highest voltage attainable for cryptocurrency mining. The least expensive voltage to install is 12 V, which is also the most efficient voltage. You may use MUCH shorter breakers in your breaker board in terms of current, which is one of the main benefits.


Noise Generation:

The device’s noise production capabilities are crucial. When compared to Bitman’s other ASIC miners, the new ANTMINET KA3 makes a large amount of noise, roughly 80 dB worth. There are numerous ways to reduce noise, including noise filters, Active Noise Cancellers, and Antminer silencers. All of the features contribute to the mining machine’s effective noise reduction and enable mining in any location.




An important factor in assessing the profitability of an ASIC miner is its hash rate. The greatest hash rate that ASIC miners may achieve is 166Th for KA3. With this hash rate, it is feasible to earn $70.30 per day in profit.



The KA3 employs the Blake2S algorithm. Blake2S generates digests that are 1 to 32 bytes in size and are intended for 8-bit to 32-bit processors. The key benefits of Blake2s are its simplicity, increased security, and speed, which have some positive mining effects. The BLAKE2b and BLAKE2s were built with the ability to function on just one CPU core. It may be mined totally on a GPU.



Due to its impact on the device’s general health, temperature is a crucial factor. A device’s effectiveness and usefulness may decline as its temperature increases. The Bitman KA3 model has maximum and minimum temperatures of 5 °C and 35 °C, respectively. It aids in lowering device overheating and maintains the device’s health for a longer time.


Coins Mined by KA3:

The KADENA coin is the sole cryptocurrency that KA3 mines. The most valuable coin is called Kadena, and miners produce it. Since Kadena is currently the most valuable and profitable coin, its value has soared. The fact that this coin can be mined for 120 years because it is a fixed token is one of its most striking characteristics. This provides miners with the opportunity to make money from these currencies. Because KDA is listed on multiple significant exchanges, you might also possess it.


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