All about Jasminer X4-Q: The Quiet Home Ethereum Classic Miner

JASMINER is an encryption technology company with its prime focus on manufacturing leading ASIC miners. Their team of developers produces high-performance computing chip designs, conducts chip research, and offers software services. JASMINER has extensive experience in high-end miner production in the industry of cryptographic ASIC. Their vision, ‘’Making Trust More Simple’’ gains them the loyalty of their consumers. 

In 2021, JASMINER released the X4. It was considered the world’s first high-throughput computing chip along with integrated computing and storage. In the same year, they released the X4 High-throughput Mini Server, and X4 High-throughput 1U/1U-C Server. These models came equipped with high throughput, low power consumption, and a high hash rate. These models created quite a stir in the cryptocurrency mining industry. 

In 2022, they took it up a notch with the launch of Jasminer X4-Q


In June of 2022, the world leading manufacturer of high-throughput cryptocurrency mining equipment released a new server, X4-Q. This machine offers the best power efficiency developed by JASMINER. Reports indicate that this new model is the most powerful crypto rig in the market today for Ethereum Classic. 

According to their website, JASMINER X4-Q is designed with 18 high-throughput memory and integrated chip technology. This makes the machine consume less energy. It offers a hash power of 1040 MH/s with a power consumption of 480 W. X4-Q gives a power consumption ratio of as low as 0.46 J/MH. 

Furthermore, the X4-Q adopts the latest technology which can reduce heat, power consumption, and noise levels. The server has dual-fan cooling and noise reduction system installed. This assists to dissipate the heat it produces, and constrains its noise below 40 dB. These qualities offered by the X4-Q make it an ideal solution for home mining. It can be placed in a family room or anywhere in the house without disturbing the peace and quiet. 


JASMINER aims to focus on efficient and energy-saving mining solutions. Their new X4-Q chip is the result of 2 years of innovation and optimization of the core chip produced by the JASMINER team. With this upgraded edition, the machine becomes more flexible with its expandable structural design. It caters to various mining needs of applications while providing the user with a great experience. With its high hash power, low power consumption, and noise reduction qualities, it proves to be a powerful ETC miner. 

The X4-Q has introduced a new appearance around the world. JASMINER gave the crypto industry a miner with the strongest mining capacity. It’s expected to become one of the leading energy-saving machines the company has ever designed. 

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