Bitmain’s Antminer S19 Pro: Features and Profitability. Is it a good investment?

 Bitmain is one of the most popular names in the cryptocurrency industry. It came into existence in 2013 and revolutionised the crypto world with its technology in blockchain, Bitcoin, and AI. It has been one of the leading manufacturers of ASIC miners and launched many machines under the banner of Antminer. 

Bitmain released the S19 and S19 Pro, respectively, and have proved to excel in their performance. These variations are the machines of the next generation. Both devices efficiently mine the SHA256 algorithm and have become popular for their results. 


The Antminer S19 offers a hash rate of 95 tH/s and consumes 3250 W of power. It comes with four fans and produces 75 dB of noise. 


This machine comes with the latest technology offered by Bitmain. It features a custom-made chip that allows it to be power efficient. Its new and improved circuit design also plays a role in assisting power utilization to the maximum. Moreover, it provides stability by using a decent APW 12 power supply. It offers a hash rate of 110 tH/s and consumes 3250 W of power. Its noise level remains the same as S19 at 75 dB. This machine comes with four fans to keep cool under high-power performances. 

Moreover, S19 Pro comes with smarter and faster firmware which will enhance your mining experience. It is made for the long hall and can be relied upon for durability. 


The S19 Pro remains to be one of the most profitable miners available today. It can give you about 25% revenue which makes it one of the leading machines in the market in the current day. It can give you up to a 195% yearly return on your investment. These rates are affected by the exchange rate of Bitcoin and how the numbers in the market fluctuate. 

As it is common knowledge that the cryptocurrency industry is facing a dip these days, this profitability rate has subsequently gone down. However, it is difficult to provide a round figure as the price of Bitcoin keeps fluctuating. Hence, you would need to calculate your profitability according to how the market is treating crypto today. 

Nonetheless, it is safe to say that this machine provides an ample amount of hash rate to compete with other machines readily available in the market. This has proven to be one of the best devices Bitmain has launched to date. 

A good investment?

We cannot give you financial advice, however, we do recommend that you indulge in your finances yourself and see if this machine is fit for your mining needs. As an ASIC miner, it doesn’t get any better than S19 Pro. As more machines sweep into the market, this device will surely come across some serious competition. As of now, there is not much to compare with. 

Crypto developers are continuously working on new technologies to enhance different experiences for the users and of course, their profitability. As this machine is made to stay, it will be a smart move to go for it considering you have weighed in all the possibilities impacting the crypto market, your finances, and risk factors. 

Buy Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro

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There are many other retailers you may look into. However, we encourage you to do your research before making a purchase to avoid any fraudulent activity. 

We do not endorse any machine or reseller. Make investments and purchases at your own risk

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