Cryptocurrency Mining vs Trading: Their difference and complete understanding.

There are various opportunities for earning money through cryptocurrency. The market is divided into miners and traders. Investors are left to make a choice between the two options and figure out which is more profitable. No matter how much capital you want to invest, the decision comes down to which best suits you. 

Cryptocurrency Mining?

Mining is a way to get cryptocurrency by solving complex puzzles which require high-end equipment specially designed for this process. When Bitcoin was introduced, mining was an easy process. Few people knew of cryptocurrency, hence acquiring new coins was done conveniently. As Bitcoin became popular, its value increased and the process of mining became complex. 

When looking into purchasing mining equipment, one needs to wait for the right time and best price. Since cryptocurrency is at its height right now, mining equipment is on the expensive end. Equipment bought today will give about 80% return on investment in 12 to 16 months. This profitability changes according to the value of cryptocurrency. Miners may receive 100% ROI within the first year of investment, and may not recover it even after the first 12 months. However, the equipment can always be resold so the major risk would be the time and effort put into mining. 

In order to make profits through mining, you would require basic knowledge for selecting computing software and configuring it. Assembling a GPU mining farm is not different from putting together a PC. A GPU mining farm won’t hold you tied to a limited number of cryptocurrencies. 

Bitcoin mining requires specialized equipment that is more expensive than GPU equipment. Before Bitcoin became popular, GPU and CPU setups were sufficient to mine Bitcoin. Over the years mining Bitcoin has become complicated and now requires ASIC machines to mine.

In order to accurately track the return on ASIC, you need to analyze new chips in the market, their features, and offerings. The minimum investment in ASIC mining is higher than what’s needed for GPU equipment. In the present day, independent Bitcoin mining is not as fruitful as it used to be, so miners prefer to become a part of a mining pool in order to increase their chances of rewards. 

On top of equipment costs, electricity is another aspect to bear in mind when going for cryptocurrency mining. The cheaper it is, the more profitable it will be for the miner. Countries, where electricity is relatively cheaper, are ideal for mining cryptocurrency. It’s important to calculate profitability in terms of the electricity costs before investing in the equipment. 

A quick guide to starting mining:

  1. Purchase the equipment
  2. Connect with power supply and make necessary adjustments
  3. Software Setup
  4. Configure solo mining or a mining pool
  5. System maintenance and tracking performance. 

Miners need to keep a check on the cryptocurrency market so that they can switch farms to profitable coins. The cryptocurrency you choose to mine is your call to make. If you feel strongly regarding a coin’s future growth and want to go against the market, for the time being, it’s solely your decision. Mining isn’t easy and needs continuous monitoring of trends and crypto events. 

The Pros and Cons


  • Low risk
  • Withdraw profits daily
  • Have control of investments


  • Need knowledge about computer hardware
  • Experience in configuring and maintenance of PC components
  • Monitor the equipment
  • Monitor the cryptocurrency market
  • Less but steady profit. 

Is cryptocurrency mining profitable?

Mining is profitable as new cryptocurrency market trends are frequent. New coins, besides Bitcoin, come into the market and have a positive impact on the miner’s profit. The more you invest in mining, the higher your future profits will be. 

How much can you expect to earn from mining?

Profits are small and begin at 60 to 100 % per year, however, risks are minimal. You can exchange cryptocurrency for fiat currency at any time and protect yourself from exchange rate fluctuations. If you have purchased all your equipment and the return on investment has started, your further investment will only be in electricity. 

The skills a miner acquires during mining are helpful in understanding trading. As cryptocurrency mining becomes complex, profitability decreases. If you have the skills, miners can turn traders. 

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Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency trading is a way to make money by buying and selling cryptocurrency. Traders earn from rate fluctuations. The cryptocurrency is purchased at a low price and sold when its value has increased. 

To begin trading, miners should choose a reliable cryptocurrency to invest in. Trading volume and liquidity are important factors in making the right choice for a cryptocurrency exchange.  

You need to develop a profitable trading strategy. The main difference between mining and trading is that with trading you can work with several cryptocurrencies simultaneously. Bear in mind that trading involves a great deal of risk. Containing one’s emotions and the ability to manage money are essential to having a successful trading experience. 

It is important to define the trading concept between buying cryptocurrencies on the exchanges and margin trading. The highest risk is to stay with a cryptocurrency that always loses value. You may hope for that coin to grow in the future, and sometimes you may have to wait more than a year for it. Nonetheless, it is still a risk and would require calculation from your end to make the safest decision. 

Before investing in crypto, a trader must understand and analyze which coin has the most potential to grow. That is a complicated process and requires time to study the cryptocurrency’s development. Over a period of time, a trader will acquire analytical skills to determine the required statistics. Most risks are associated with margin trading cryptocurrency. If your analysis is opposite to the market’s, you’re in the red zone and have a higher chance of losing money. As with regular trading, the choice of a consistent and secure exchange is vital. Terms, trading fees, leverage, and trading tools differ from one exchange to another. 

A quick guide to starting trading:

  • Choose an exchange of your choice, or get in touch with a broker and open an account. 
  • Work on a trading strategy. 
  • Fund your account
  • Make your first trade 
  • Keep a track of your cryptocurrency exchange for profitability

Pros and Cons


  • No investment in equipment. A laptop or phone is enough. 
  • Easy deposit and withdrawal
  • High return


  • Management skills required
  • Emotional control is essential
  • You are at risk of loss
  • The trading strategy required for profitability 
  • Difficult to calculate profits

How much can you expect to earn from crypto trading?

As there are many factors to consider in trading, it is difficult to give a number for profits. On a good day, a trader can make up to 100% profit on his investment. All the same, one wrong decision can mean losing a chunk or all of your invested money. 

If you want to understand the market and acquire analytical skills, you can see 500 – 1000% per year profits. Everything depends on the planning and strategy before putting in the money. 

Crypto Mining Vs Trading

If you’re looking for a definite answer, then we cannot give you one. Each investor has to answer this for themselves. Mining is the foundation that leads to the evolution of the cryptocurrency industry. Before you consider it, bear in mind all the factors relevant to the resources you require. 

Trading has a significantly lower entry threshold. Gradually, with experience, a trader can make more profits. You will need to have wins and losses under your belt to truly study and understand trading. 

In Conclusion

Both the options require different kinds of investment in terms of time, money, understanding, and strategies. If you want a constant profit, minimize your risks, and don’t mind the noise, mining can be your calling. If you prefer taking risks for the chances of high profitability and are prepared to lose all your investment in the worst-case scenario, then trading is your cup of tea. 

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