iBeLink announces the BM-3 series: The K3. The machine for a competitive edge?

Amid the crypto crisis, it is difficult to determine which machine to go for to mine the Kadena coin. Kadena was seen at its all-time high in 2021 with its value at USD 28. This was when the crypto industry went crazy for this project and began investing in it. 

Today as we see a dip in the Kadena coin with its value at USD 1.81, cryptocurrency mining machines are still not coming slow. The manufacturer iBeLink announced the launch of its new machine, K3, on Tuesday, 12th July 2022. iBeLink released its BM- 1 series in 2020 and was serving miners with an initial mining speed for Kadena at 5.3 TH. As it released more sophisticated machines, Kadena also picked up in value in the market. 

iBeLink BM-3, K3

iBeLink comes with a hash rate of 40.5TH with a power consumption of 1950W. That is better than the best machine available in the market currently for KDA, the Goldshell KD MAX which offers a hash rate of 40.2 TH with a power consumption of 3350 W. After the arrival of K3, KD MAX will have some serious competition.

K3 offers less power consumption with more hash rate. This definitely is a powerhouse, and its launch will increase Kadena’s difficulty. It’s great for KDA as its network is becoming diverse and robust. This would mean an ample amount of trust being put in KDA as we witness its growth. 

A good call amid a crypto crash?

As the crypto dip is stressful for many, many choose to sit back and strategize at this point. The prices for miners are significantly low as the value of Kadena is not at its best. This, for many, means it’s the buying time. The Crypto market is unpredictable and the price of Bitcoin is in constant fluctuation. You might see a spike later this year, or at the beginning of next, and when that happens, the prices of miners will be at their peak.

Purchasing miners at the right time is recommended as you will be getting your machine at a cheaper price. 

All the same, we would urge you to think and calculate all your financial risks before diving into this decision. 


Many passionate miners are overjoyed at the news of the K3 release and are looking forward to this machine. It will give miners a great edge over other miners who have older machines offering fewer hash rates. K3 will be a quality addition to your crypto farm if you have weighed in all your deal-breaking factors and are ready to make an investment for the long hall. 

We do not endorse any manufacturer or machine. Make purchases at your own risk. 

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