Immersion Cooling Systems for Crypto Mining: Sustainable and Smart Solutions.

Bitcoin mining is a well recognized energy-intensive and heat-generating activity. As a result, bitcoin miners are continuously seeking ways to keep their mining equipment cool without sacrificing efficiency or profit. Even the most effective miners can become overheated. What is the issue here? What happens if mining machinery overheats?

Why Should We Avoid the Overheating of Mining Equipment?

Low Power Efficiency:

Bitcoin mining is well-known to be an energy-intensive activity. Already, the amount of power required by mining equipment is depressing and this is exacerbated when a machine overheats. Overheating increases power consumption while generating fewer results owing to a lower hash rate. This combination is detrimental to productivity and profit.

Cost Efficiency:

This relates to the preceding points. The majority of mining costs are associated with energy use and maintenance. When miners overheat regularly, they need twice as much money for maintenance and power. This frequently decreases mining equipment profitability.

Reduction in Hash-Rate:

Before we proceed, we must define the hash rate. The hash rate of a cryptocurrency miner’s equipment is a measure of how quickly it conducts difficult computations.

This is unquestionably the most significant factor to consider when buying mining equipment because it frequently dictates production. When the system overheats, it strives to minimize workload, which affects the hash rate. The hash rate will stay lower than usual until the miner cools.

Overall Efficiency Decrease:

This conclusion is based on the fact that overheating impacts both power use, cost and even the longevity of the equipment. When all of these factors are considered together, the equipment falls short of its intended production. Thus, overheating is directly accountable for profit loss, increased power consumption and equipment failure.

What Cooling System Should be Employed?

Immersion Cooling:

This is a new method for cooling mining machines without sacrificing earnings. Immersion cooling is the method of totally submerging or immersing the mining equipment in a thermally conductive liquid with better insulating qualities than regular air. There are two primary ways to immersion cooling: single phase immersion cooling and double phase immersion cooling.

Single Phase Immersion Cooling:

The components of a single phase are submerged in a dielectric fluid, generally an oil or designed fluid of some type. The heat created by the IT components is absorbed by the fluid, which is then pumped and cycled around a tank to assist with heat removal.

Double Phase Immersion Cooling:

The double phase, on the other hand, entails sealing servers inside a bath of specially developed fluorocarbon-based liquid. The boiling of the liquid results in a phase transition from liquid to gas. The vapor is then condensed back into liquid and circulated throughout the system.

Is it Safe to Immerse Electrical Equipment in Liquid?

You would never ever want to submerge your electrical equipment in water! Immersion cooling uses special purpose coolants that are not water based. In reality, the coolants are totally synthetic compounds made up of up to 60 distinct components that are blended together in a specially constructed reactor unit under extremely precise heat and pressure conditions to form our speciality tailored heat transfer fluids.

The term “dielectric” refers to a substance that is not electrically conducting and the quantity of electricity that a substance can insulate against is referred to as its dielectric strength.

Coolant breakdown strength, or insulating capability, is often considerably over 60kV measured over a 2mm gap! The greatest voltages required by your miners and equipment will now be less than 280VAC. This implies that the Dielectric Coolant is such a good insulator that you can put your hands in it while the electronics are running.

The Advantages of Immersion Cooling for Bitcoin Miners:

Effective Heat Dissipation:

The fluids used in immersion, known as dielectric coolants, are substantially more thermally conductive and dense than air, making them better at absorbing heat and rapidly transferring it away from the miners. Hardware longevity is increased due to minor vibrations and fast temperature changes.

Improved Operating Conditions:

The immersion fluid keeps dust and debris out of the hardware, reducing cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, the removal of the fans and the density of the fluid virtually minimizes the noise, which may be deafening for miners working in the air.

Increase Life Span of the Equipment:

Miners are always looking for new ways to extend and preserve the lifespan of mining equipment. Furthermore, airborne particles are drawn into the heatsinks of each ASIC in Air crypto mining farms, resulting in overheating and a limited lifespan. Furthermore, air cooling frequently causes pollution and corrosion of equipment.

Immersion cooling is suggested to address these issues. It allows ASICs to operate at maximum capacity for longer periods of time than air cooling. It also extends the life of hardware by 4-5 years by avoiding pollution, overheating and corrosion.

Improve Efficiency In Power Consumption:

ASIC fans and facility fans are significant energy consumers in mining. By switching to immersion cooling, miners can eliminate the need for energy-intensive equipment and save up to 50% on energy expenses. Furthermore, the liquid conducts heat far more effectively than air. Immersion cooling is a more efficient cooling technology since it takes less energy. Furthermore, the reduced power usage allows miners to invest in more mining equipment if they so want.

Safer Overclocking:

The improved heat dissipation and operating conditions in immersion allow miners to significantly overclock their rigs.

Noise Reduction:

Heat and noise levels in standard air-cooled mining rigs rise as the miner does more work. Immersion cooling bitcoin miners, on the other hand, provide complete noise suppression. This is due to the removal of the fans, which are the principal generators of noise, prior to immersion. Bitcoin miners that are liquid-cooled are also dust-free. This extends the life of the equipment and eliminates the need for routine cleaning.


Immersion cooling is the most cost-effective method of getting the highest hashrate out of any ASIC or GPU-based miner. By submerging your mining hardware in the premium quality Dielectric Coolant, you may significantly cut your total power expenses while increasing your hashrates. It is so effective at reducing heat that you may safely increase your miner’s hashrate without risking your pricey equipment.

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