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Ipollo V1 3600MH: What you need to know about the new Ethereum miner

iPollo has become a competitive player in the crypto global market. It has excelled with its leading designs since it came into existence. Its product line includes the Ethereum V series, Bitcoin B series, and the very first Grin ASIC miner G series. It has also catered to Filecoin, Swarm, Chia, and various other Proof of Capacity consensus cryptocurrency miners. 

This company aims to serve its clients worldwide with a mission to improve computing power and stability. They focus on reducing costs by manufacturing power-efficient machines while maintaining network security. iPollo’s values lie in the relationship they build with their clients. 


iPollo V1

Recently iPollo released the most powerful and profitable miner of 2022. The V1 offers 3600Mh/s of Hash Rate and has a power consumption of 3100 W. Its immense hash rate makes it the most profitable at USD 60 per day even in a bear market. 

This machine can mine Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. You will be able to make profits from the V1 even after the ETH 2.0 merge. 

Does it really work?

In a sample testing, when the iPollo V1 was fired, it immediately reached the official 3600 Mh/s within the first ten minutes. After another half an hour, it reached 3640 Mh/s and remain stable. This machine is cost-effective and consumes less energy. 


In conclusion

This new machine is hot in today’s market. It’s very rare for a miner to be giving profits as the crypto industry goes through a crisis. This could very well be the ideal time to consider investing in it, as the market offers discounted prices. 

For Ethereum, this miner is looking for a better competitor yet and so far there is none. Check out all your options and your financial capacity, and give this machine serious thought!

We do not endorse any manufacturer or machine. All information is factual. We do not give financial advice. 

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