Goldshell LT Lite – 1620 MH


Profitability: $2,169.50 *


Manufacturer: Goldshell
Model: LT Lite
Hashrate: 1620
Rating: MH
Algorithm: Scrypt
Voltage: 12
Watts: 1620
Noise Level(db): 55
Fans: 4

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Goldshell LT LITE known for its Scrypt algorithm and ability to mine LTC and DOGE is specifically designed for homes, offices and mining sites. It has a compatible design and newly developed noise reduction function as it mines at a capability of 1620Mh/s and 1450W of power consumption.


Manufacturer: Goldshell
Model: LT LITE
Rating: MH
Hashrate: 1620
Algorithm: Scrypt
Fans: 4
Watts: 1620W
Voltage: 12V
Weight: 8.1 kgs / 17.86 lbs
Size (L x W x H): (26.4 x 20 x 29 cm) / (10.39 x 7.87 x 11.42 inches)
Noise Level (db): 55
Humidity (%): 5 – 95
Temperature: (5 – 35 °C) / (41 – 95 °F)
Mineable Coins: LTC (Litecoin) + Doge (Dogecoin)
* Profitability figure is just a rough estimate. We don’t hold any responsibility for it to be 100% correct. This figure represents projected two year earnings.

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