The Canaan Avalon 1246 – Complete review and what it offers.

The Canaan Avalon 1246 is the latest technology launched by the manufacturer Canaan. It comes in variations that were released over a period of time. It is considered the most efficient ASIC miner by Canaan to date with its best version giving the hash rate of 93 tH/s. 

This new design is manufactured from strong aluminum which makes it durable. Furthermore, its compact structure allows it to be conveniently placed vertically or horizontally as you begin your mining experience. As a result, this device becomes flexible and accommodating to your setting. It features a direct plug-in and offers great stability with its built-in power. Its shining star is its excelling hash rate making it one of the leading Bitcoin miners in the market as of today. 

Features | Fans

This machine features four fans which assist in keeping it cool. As it provides a high hash rate and utilizes more power, it produces a great amount of heat. The fans function together to keep the device at a temperature where it can operate smoothly and mine away. To further improve the cooling of its device, it comes equipped with 12038 fans which are classified as resistant to high temperatures. 

The design of the fans in A1246 prevents the dust to accumulate which otherwise can become a cause for a short circuit. Furthermore, they are safe in case of accidental contact during maintenance. 

Features | Software

The software used in Avalon 1246 is built to accommodate changes made during mining, which helps to maintain stability in operation and maximize its life. 

Moreover, its design is automated to issue an alert if any abnormalities are spotted. In case of malfunction, the performance of the device gets affected. To avoid this, it is programmed to shut down if any such situation takes place. It also keeps a check on fluctuating hash rates and network security to prevent intruders from taking control. 

Features | Power Consumption

The Avalon 1246 consumes a high power supply of 3420 W. Before making a purchase, one should consider the power required and the cost of electricity to operate this beast. It is considered on the higher end and is a deal breaker for many. 

Features | Noise Level

The noise level of this machine is 75 dB, which is considered to be amongst the highest. This is the direct result of high performance and power consumption. 

Features | Hash rate

This is where the variants of the Canaan Avalon 1246 differ. 

The different miners and their hash rates are as follows:

  1. Canaan Avalon 1246 83 tH/s
  2. Canaan Avalon 1246 85 tH/s
  3. Canaan Avalon 1246 87 tH/s
  4. Canaan Avalon 1246 90 tH/s
  5. Canaan Avalon 1246 93 tH/s

All these machines are high performing and give a competitive edge to the user. 

Cryptocurrency to Mine

The Avalon 1246 mines all the coins functioning on SHA-256. This includes Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Curecoin, Acoin, BitcoinSV, and many others operating on the SHA-256 mechanism. 

Bottom Line

The Canaan has entered the market with its leading mining machine and is holding up to its reputation of giving immense competition. This machine is one of a kind, with its hash rate, performance, and maintenance features. If you have looked into all your financial and power supply aspects, this could very well be your next miner!

We do not endorse any machine or company. Make investments and purchases at your own risk. 

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