The Kadena coin enters the market: Should you go for Goldshell KD Max?

Goldshell KD MAX is a very powerful Kadena ASIC Miner that was released in June 2022. This miner has a 40.2 Th/s rate and a 3350W power consumption. The fans are still professional powerful fans with an 80 dB noise level because it is a professional crypto miner.

Specifications of KD Max:


The KD max is manufactured by Goldshell. Goldshell Miner, which was established in 2017, is a pioneer in the cryptocurrency mining industry. Goldshell is primarily concerned with high-end cryptocurrency mining equipment and application industries. The company’s objective is to become a major provider of computing power and to aid in the expansion of the high-power computing sector. Using their superior computing talents, Goldshell Miner’s core team, which has over a decade of expertise, was able to construct a highly efficient system from algorithm development, batch production, and research. The company’s mission is to deliver reliable and high-performance computer equipment and services to its clients while also fostering the expansion of the global digital economy.

Power Consumption:

Power consumption is a crucial element of ASIC miners since it influences miner profitability. The less electricity consumed, the greater the profit potential. The power consumption of the KDA Max is 3350W, making it a very ideal miner for mining based on its hashrate.


The weight of the KDA Max is the same as that of the KD Lite, which is 8500g. It is easily transportable and does not necessitate the use of large machinery.


The BLAKE2 algorithm is employed in the KD Max. BLAKE2s is designed for 8- to 32-bit processors and creates digests ranging from 1 to 32 bytes in size. Blake2s’ main benefit is that it is simpler, more secure, and faster, giving it mining privileges. The BLAKE2b and BLAKE2s are designed to run on a single CPU core (BLAKE2b is more efficient on 64-bit CPUs and BLAKE2s is more efficient on 8-bit, 16-bit, or 32-bit CPUs). It is entirely GPU mineable.


The noise level produced by the KD Max series is somewhat greater than that of the KD Lite series. It generates 80 dB of noise, compared to 50-55 dB for the kd lite. Noise filters and absorbers can be used to lessen the amount of noise.


KD Max operates at a voltage of around 176-264V, which is by far the highest voltage attainable for cryptocurrency mining. The most efficient voltage range, 176-264V, is also the most expensive to install. One of the most significant current advantages is that you may utilize much smaller breakers in your breaker panel.


Temperature is a key factor to consider since it affects the state of the gadget. When the temperature of a gadget rises, its overall efficiency may deteriorate. The Goldshell KD Max model’s minimum and maximum temperatures are 5 degrees Celsius and 45 degrees Celsius, respectively. It protects the device from overheating and hence maintains it healthy for a longer amount of time.

Warranty and Profitability:

The KD MAX hash rate is 37.7 percent more than the original KD6, 40.2 terahash vs. 29.2 terahash. A 6-month manufacturing warranty from Goldshell is included. As of the publication date, this machine was making roughly $32.9 per day and consuming approximately $9.65 in power each day.

Coins that can be mined:

The only coin that can be mined by KD Max is Kadena coin since it is the only coin that supports BLAKE2s algorithm. KDA is a cryptocurrency that is used to pay for computations on the Kadena public chain. KDA is the currency used by Kadena to pay miners for mining blocks on the network, as well as the transaction fee paid by users to have their transactions included in a block, similar to ETH on Ethereum.

Kadena Wallet and Pool:

If you are mining kadena for the first time, you must first select a kadena wallet and pool to utilize for your kadena mining needs before login into the computer. To begin, select a wallet for your kadena currency. There are a few alternatives for this. You might also use an exchange wallet, like Binance, to store your kadena, which you could then trade or withdraw. You must select a pool to use once you have your wallet address. The pool is in charge of assigning tasks to your miner on the network and distributes rewards according to the machine’s mining performance. You have numerous options depending on the type of coin you are minting.

Kadena and Innovation:

Kadena was founded on the idea that blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the way the world communicates and interacts. However, in order for blockchain technology and the ecosystem that ties it to the business sector to gain general adoption, they must be entirely redesigned. Our founders developed a proprietary multi-chain architecture as well as the technology to make blockchain work for everyone – at previously unimaginable speeds, scalability, and energy efficiency.

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