Best Crypto Mining Hardware: How to set up the Goldshell KD6?


The Goldshell KD6 Miner mines the extremely valuable Kadena currency with a maximum hashrate of 29.2 TH/s and a power consumption of 2560W. Goldshell’s current generation iteration has dramatically improved specifications over the previous KD5, providing a reduced power consumption ratio and greater hash rate. As the most efficient and top-of-the-line Kadena miner, it gives the best profitability above any other ASIC on the market as long as KDA retains its value.

Goldshell Miners:

Goldshell Miner is a blockchain computing and application technology business that was created in 2017. The firm focuses on R&D, manufacturing and sales of high-performance computing chips and devices as well as offering matching one-stop application solutions and technical services.

Specifications of Goldshell KD6 Miner:

The most valuable currency is the Goldshell KD6 Miner mines Kadena. This is surprising given that the currency is now the most lucrative. According to current market statistics, the miner will profit $260 each day. We have a miner with a stronger chip and a higher voltage. It weights 8500g and has an extra Blake2s algorithm that is only available for KDA mining.


The miner has a higher efficiency of 0.1j/Gh than its predecessor. You acquire a strong miner as a result of the greater consumption level. The miner has 380W greater power than its predecessor. It also has a greater voltage for electricity.


The miner’s maximum hashrate is 26.3 TH/s, which is more than the predecessor. The extra 8 Th/s provides you a better mining experience and speeds up the mining of Kadena. This is exactly what every miner wants to hear. A high hashrate indicates that the KADENA network is fit for mining.


The miner employs the Kadena Algorithm, which is a hybrid Blockchain algorithm. It is also a new smart contract platform with the primary goal of bringing together public apps. The technique may also be combined with private Blockchains and other interoperable chains.


The Goldshell KD6 profitability is the most profitable miner, ranking first among all mining equipment. It mines the incredibly valuable Kadena coin, which is becoming increasingly popular in the cryptocurrency mining business. This mining equipment may be profitable depending on the Kadena pricing.

According to today’s profit calculations, the miner will profit $260 each day. The daily electricity price, depending on your power rates, is $7. The miner pays more for power, but the returns are also larger.

Noise Levels:

The miner is a little noisier, which might cause issues for individuals who want to mine at home. It has noise levels that are 80 decibels higher than the acceptable house-mining noise levels of 75 dB. Mining can also be done in remote locations away from neighbors.

Weight and Dimensions:

It weighs 8.5 kg and has dimensions of 264 * 200 * 290 mm_ The miner makes use of the Ethernet interface, which is a widely used platform. The manufacturer prefers a voltage range of 176V-264V.

Humidity and Temperature Levels:

You must utilize the miner under optimal settings for it to perform successfully. The manufacturer recommends a maximum humidity of 95% and a minimum humidity of 5%. The temperature should be no higher than 45 degrees Celsius and no lower than 5 degrees Celsius.

Changes from kd5 Miner:

There are a few adjustments here and there, but the overall design is similar to the KD5 Miner. We have a miner with a stronger chip and a higher voltage. It weights 8500g and has an extra Blake2s algorithm designed specifically for KDA mining.

Step wise Set-up of KD6:

  1. Connect it to the internet via the internet wire.
  2. After that, switch it on and it should begin to make a noise.
  3. Allow it to rest for a bit after that.
  4. Then, on the right side of the device’s back, hit the little button. It will turn on the IP.
  5. Next, go to “FIND.GOLDSHELL.COM” and ensure that you are on the same WiFi network as the internet cable is connected in.
  6. Once the website is open, go to the settings and choose your device type (which is kd6).
  7. Once the website is open, go to the settings and choose your device type (which is kd6).
  8. The stats will be displayed on the screen.
  9. Enter the password after pressing the unlock button in the upper right corner.
  10. Now, in the next step, go to “miner” and connect it to a pool.
  11. The best pool is the
  12. Now proceed to Kadena.
  13. When you go there, copy the link for your location and paste it into the URL.
  14. Cell core is now required. To do so, enter your wallet id into the username field.
  15. Create a password of your choice.
  16. It will be turned on and the mining procedure will begin.
  17. Now we’ll start mining the device.

Checking the performance of the device:

  1. Examine the hashrate in the following step.
  2. When we examine the average, we will notice that this device does not waste any time spooling up.
  3. The average hashrate gradually increases from 24.8 and reaches up to 26.3 which is the determining factor.
  4. Now let it get spooled up and get fully running and after that, switch over the dx pool.
  5. Wait for it to be up and running after switching it to the pool, then evaluate the hashrate.
  6. The hashrate would have grown to 26.67 T/s.
  7. This represents the incredible output given by the device and it excels in all the features that were promised.


KD6 is a leading gadget, with all of the modern and feature-rich characteristics that a miner would expect. It is notable for its exceptional hashrate and profitability. It is a significant step toward the Goldshell miners’ success.

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